Do you know anything about Lebara?

Whilst everyone (or most people) knows that Lebara exists as a mobile network, the services that they provide are not really well known to those that don’t know an awful lot about the telecom industry. Of course, we have our major network providers, O2, EE, T-mobile etc,

O2 Data Stolen and Sold on Dark Net

Popular BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire made a shocking discovery on her programme, when it came to light that O2’s customer’s data had been stolen and was now for sale on the dark net. Login details stolen from gaming website Xsplit 3 years ago, worked for hackers when

How much of your data is Pokemon Go using?

If you haven’t already heard of it, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, as an insanely popular new virtual reality computer game has taken the world by storm. Pokemon Go is essentially a game installed onto your mobile phone,

Talk Talk Boss Takes Home £2.8M

Despite a cyber attack that potentially cost the company Talk Talk millions in profit and custom, talk Talk boss Dido Harding still took home a healthy £2.8M in her pay packet. The cyber attack that affected thousands of Talk Talk customers, meaning their details were hacked and

EE to provide Free Wifi at Glastonbury

Never one to miss out on anything up and coming, Glastonbury will be provided with free wifi this year, by EE. If anyone’s phone battery lasts long enough, there will be ‘hedge points’ dotted around the festival where festival goers can go to hook up to free 4G