3 Customer Services Contact Number

0844 826 8076 
3 Customer Services Contact Number
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Three (3) Mobile Customer Services

Three (3) Mobile Customer Services

The Three contact number is available to get in touch with the telecoms provider’s customer service team. They are one of the most popular mobile networks in the United Kingdom and pride themselves on being the only “pure data network” available for customers in the country. This means none of the people who sign up get a 2G experience of just texts and calls; everyone has access to 3G and 4G services providing mobile internet. Three also promise high definition calls which allow you to hear people on the other end of the line far better. Furthermore, they are the UK mobile network with the least complaints.

Three (3) Telephone Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0844 826 8076
Top-Ups 0844 826 8076
Complaints 0844 826 8076

Why Might I Call 3 Customer Service?

  • I need help getting started
  • I wish to enquire about my bill or contract
  • I have lost my device or it has been stolen
  • I need troubleshooting advice for a device
  • Assistance using a phone abroad
  • Complaints or comments about Three
Head Office Phone Number
Star House
20 Grenfell Road
0844 453 0191


Why is there an anomaly on my bill?
My phone is having problems – can you help?
How much will I be charged if I use my phone abroad?
I have lost my phone/it has been stolen – what should I do?

three-contactCustomers who call often tend to ask these questions. We have provided the common answers for them too.

Why is there an anomaly on my bill?

The first bill you receive from Three might be slightly higher than your monthly charge. This is because in order to get you connected as soon as you take your phone home the business will sometimes begin the payment period slightly before the monthly start date. You could have a first charge for the 4-9 days you started using your device followed by the monthly charge. This will not happen every month. Furthermore, your bill might be slightly higher if you have used your phone abroad or called numbers not in your allowance.

My phone is having problems – can you help?

Troubleshooting depends on each particular device. Call the Three contact number to speak to a professional who will offer guidance for your specific type of phone.

How much will I be charged if I use my phone abroad?

Data roaming will be significantly more expensive when you are abroad. It is recommended that you turn it off completely as background applications could easily use the data without your knowledge. However, They have placed a £40 limit on how much you can use abroad to prevent it from going too high. You will receive a text when you have hit 80% and 95% of this limit. This can be extended by calling Three.

I have lost my phone/it has been stolen – what should I do?

You have to get in touch with them as soon as possible. They will be able to prevent your phone from being misused – racking up phone, text or data usage or accessing your private information. The company will also be able to help you with a replacement. If you have an insurance policy for your phone, you may want to make a claim.

3’s 4G Services

Three’s 4G services are the most famous part of their package. One of the things it provides is 4G Super-Voice which allows the signal to reach further into buildings or tunnels so that you make make better quality calls and have less signal drops.

The Super-Voice feature is optional while standard 4G is optional when you join the  network.

The coverage for 4G is at around 65% of the UK and there is a coverage checker on the website which allows you to confirm if it is available in your area. Some examples of cities you can access it from are London, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Oxford and many more. It is available for devices such as iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4.

3 For Business

Three has special packages for business customers including all-you-can-eat data for your smartphone at around £17 per month, a tablet with 15gb of data at approximately £79 for the device and £26 per month, and 15gb of mobile broadband for around £14. The telecoms company also provides a dedicated support team for business customers and can replace any faulty service within 24 hours of a problem being brought to their attention. You can contact Three’s customer support team to also merge your bill into one single payment to make financial management much easier.

A Background To 3

The mobile service was deliberately launched on the 3rd March 2003 – 03/03/03. It’s an UK division of Hutchison Whampoa who are an investment holding company based in Hong Kong.

The first retail stores opened around the same time as the network’s launch. The first ones to open were on Oxford Street in London, Kensington High Street in London, and the Mailbox outlet in Birmingham.

The company has invested heavily in offered 3G technology – to the point that it was criticised for favouring it over their faulty 2G services. It began rolling out 4G services in December hitting locations like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading. It will expand to another 50 locations by the end of 2014.

The business has been voted the Best Network For Mobile Broadband in a YouGov survey for two years in a row.

3 Merger With O2

Three has decided to purchase one of the company’s biggest competitors O2 and merge its services into the Three brand. The companies will work together to create a network that is the largest in the United Kingdom. Three customers will not notice any difference to their current services, however the telecommunications provider does hope to improve them having taken on O2’s technology and infrastructure. The only changes, in fact, are that the Three customer care hub has been moved to Limerick and there will be an additional customer service team located in Waterford. Your number, price plan and terms and conditions will remain unchanged during the beginning stages of the merger. However, there are worries from the telecommunications regulator Ofcom that the merger may eventually lead to price rises because of the decrease in competition. This has not been confirmed by Three though.

Alternative contact methods for Three

You can contact them via post at:

Hutchison 3G UK Limited
123 St Vincent Street
G2 5EA

You can also contact Three through their website.

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