AOL Contact Number

0843 557 3580

You might find yourself needing to call AOL’s contact number if you have questions relating to their products or services.


When Would I Call AOL Customer Service?

  • A weak broadband connection
  • Accessing your account online
  • Upgrading your current broadband package
  • Cancelling your broadband contract
  • Discussing a billing query

[box]Opening Hours: Lines are open from 8am until midnight, 7 days a week.[/box]

What Assistance Can I Get From AOL’s Helpline?

AOL’s contact number can help you with a wide range of problems and issues you may experience. However, we have got a few of their FAQ’s below with suggested answers:

1. Why Do You Have Different Prices For The Same Package?

  • The prices change depending on where you live
  • If you live in an LLU area, you will be charged £19.99 a month
  • If you don’t live in an LLU area you will be charged £25 a month
  • The extra cost is to cover additional charges of providing broadband in non LLU areas.

2. What Does LLU Mean?

  • LLU stands for Local Loop Unbundling
  • It is a process where BT offers it local network of copper wiring that runs from your house to the telephone exchange to other companies

3. How Do I Know If My Computer Meet The Minimum Requirements?

  • Any members with a BT phone line can get AOL Broadband
  • Your computer must be running either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Apple OSX 10.3 or above
  • You must ensure your computer also has a spare ethernet port

About AOL’s Services

AOL is an American company based in New York. It offers a range of web based services including digitally distributed content and products.

They became popular during the 1990s and charged users by the hour until late 1996 when it switched to a monthly fee. It was part of monumental occasions such as broadcasting the 2005 Live 8 concert over the internet as well as having thousands of its users download clips from the concert.

There were fears that they would shut down in 2008, but in early 2009 Tim Armstrong, a former Google employee, was named the CEO and Chairman of the company. Under this new leadership, the company changed its direction and started to make a series of acquisitions including TechCrunch and The Huffington Post.

The services and products that AOL now offers includes content, advertising and local content as well as memberships and ventures. In the September of 2011 they made a strategic ad selling partnership with Yahoo and Microsoft, which are two of its biggest competitors. The partnership would see each of the three companies start to sell inventory on their respective sites with the idea of the strategy being that it would allow them to compete with Google and various other ad networks. They also attempted to increase its ability at generating revenue via online advertising in April 2012.

AOL Broadband provides landline and internet services around the UK. It was originally bought out by The Carphone Warehouse in 2006 and in April 2014, it became part of TalkTalk Group, with TalkTalk providing its services. New customers are directed to get their broadband package from TalkTalk; however, you can still ring AOL’s Customer Services if you are an existing customer.

Information About AOL Mail

One of the more popular and well used services provided by the company is their email. It is free to sign up for an AOL Mail account and it will provide you access to a number of exciting features. You will be able to use AIM, their instant messenger where you can chat with others who use the mail provider. You will also be able to use your account to manage calendars. Their email service mail can be integrated onto your smartphone and tablet via an app. It can also be used as the main mail provider for your device. You can contact AOL’s customer service department at any time if you are encountering an issue with your mail. Troubleshooting problems they could help you with include error messages, trouble signing in or password issues.

AOL Free Scan

The company specialises in a unique system checkup that runs a diagnosis on your PC. The 148 point process will uncover any problems that might be slowing your computer down, slowing its system or causing errors and crashes. They provide this service for free. Some of the things that it will be able to detect is low memory, security holes, corrupted hard drives. It will be able to result in greater responsiveness, faster browsing online and improved stability.

Carphone Warehouse Acquisition

When Carphone Warehouse purchased AOL in October of 2006 for an estimated sum of £370 million it became the third largest provider of broadband in the whole United Kingdom. Carphone Warehouse decided to rebrand it as AOL Broadband in January 2007, just three months later, after making hundreds of job cuts at the end of the year. Services are now provided by TalkTalk. New customers are directed to TalkTalk and only existing customers use what was originally known as AOL broadband.

Alternative ways to contact AOL

You can contact the company via post at:

TalkTalk Telecom Limited (AOL Broadband)
11 Evesham Street
W11 4AR

You can also contact AOL through their website.

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