Asda Mobile Endures Bumpy Ride In The Move To EE

Asda Mobile endured a bumpy ride this last few months after it announced it would be moving from Vodafone to EE in October 2013. Whilst the company warned its customers about the change well in advance, some might say, the migration did not go as smoothly as the network might have hoped.

The decision to move to network provider EE on the whole seemed like a positive one. Having pioneered the rollout of 4G across the UK, EE has one of the most expansive mobile structures on the market since it merged the Orange and T-Mobile networks in 2010.

Asda Mobile customers were informed that the old service would be terminated on April 30 2014, and that they should migrate to the new Asda network before this date, or find a different provider, if they wanted to avoid losing mobile service altogether.

To do this, customers were urged to register for a unique PAC code from Asda Mobile, which is necessary in retaining their current phone number. Those who chose not to join Asda Mobile on EE by the end of April could still claim back unused credit, but would no longer be able to transfer their old phone number to the new Asda Mobile service. If they wished to continue using the network, they would have needed to register for a new Asda Mobile SIM and phone number

However, following the report of 150 customer complaints to mobile watchdog site, Asda Mobile has extended this deadline to the end of May, giving customers more time to transfer their current phone numbers.

Right up until the April 30 deadline, users reported long waits on Asda Mobile’s customer helpline, whilst others complained about delays in receiving their PAC code.

Despite the extension of the deadline, Asda Mobile customers should bear in mind that the transfer process takes five days. Therefore, it is advised that they wait no later than May 25 should they wish to request their PAC codes.

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