ASDA Teams up With Sports Brand Umbro

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where to purchase nolvadex online After the ‘sports luxe’ trend graced our catwalks and hasn’t shown any signs of dwindling since, it was only a matter of time before supermarkets and low cost fashion retailers took on the trend. ASDA and sports retailer Umbro have joined forces in an attempt to resurrect the once loves sports retailer, in a range that will include sportswear, leisurewear, footwear and accessories. With other, perhaps more popular fashion retailers such as Urban outfitters and Topshop successfully bringing back ‘old school’ sportswear brands such as Ellesse and Fila, is George set to do the same?

source url The deal marks the first time that George has collaborated with a sports brand, and they are hoping they can jump on board the wagon of booming sports gear sales that research from Mintel projected a 5.9% growth in the market 2016. The new range is set for its debut on the 26th May and a follow up on the 2nd June. This time, people can follow the trends in sportswear, whatever their budget.

A match made in heaven

As the dotted line is signed and the deal confirmed, George’s  managing director has issued his blessing towards the collaboration; ‘Umbro is the perfect partner for George, both have long standing heritages built on innovation, but we also share the same values, and are passionate about delivering quality affordable products.’ The three year deal will see Umbro product that is exclusively designed for George, and will also be sold online in Asda Direct. Each store will stock the product, but 20 of ASDA’s biggest supercentres will have an Umbro dedicated area. The price range is definitely suited to those on a budget and will range from an extremely reasonable £5, with its highest prices hitting the £40 mark.

The joining of the ASDA/Umbro forces proves they have settled their differences after a disagreement way back in 2007, when ASDA attempted to create a replica of Umbro’s world cup shirts and selling them for half price. The shirts were acquired on the European ‘grey market’ of approved suppliers, with the trust bargain brand arguing that consumers shouldn’t pay extortionate prices to show their support for football.

Not only has sportswear proven to be a growing trend of the fashion world, a number of sporting events this year have also seen an anticipated rise in sales of sports gear, with the European Football Championship and the Rio Olympics bound to get Britain in the sporting mood. The attempt at increasing sales comes about for a number of reasons, but one important reason being the rise of online deliveries which consequently has seen a fall in shop sales, something that is bound to affect stores and brands such as ASDA and George. The brand are hoping that by introducing Umbro, their overall decreasing shop sales will be rescued.

Back up the hill?

Following a prolonged sales slump that reached a record low at Christmas time (5.8% in 13 weeks), after losing out to everybody’s new favourites Lidl and Aldi and even being pipped to the post by major rivals Tesco and Morrisons, ASDA have announced a new project renewal. This 18 month plan aims at improving company’s finances, one of the hopes being that the Umbro deal will strengthen their weakening George brand. Umbro also hope to see benefits from the deal, with their general manager Mike Scholz saying; ‘this partnership gives us immediate scale with one of Britain’s well-loved retailer.’ Come and get your sportswear at a friendly ASDA price!