Author Writes Vodafone Play After Customer Service Woes

writing-complaintThere are many unconventional and creative ways that people have responded to frustrating customer service experiences. We have seen people pay for sponsored social media posts in order to publicly blast the company that’s angered them. We have also seen people write songs about the businesses that have provided them an unsatisfactory experience. However, we have never seen anyone write a two-act play based on their experience before. At least, not until now.

generic levitra online cheap Louise, a blogger and author based in the United Kingdom, wanted to cap her daughter’s data usage so that she doesn’t keep going over the current allowance resulting in additional payments. She was promised this by Vodafone, but what results could be called a classic comedy of errors on the mobile network’s part – or at least it could be if it wasn’t so frustrating. Passed from department to department, Louise eventually discovers that she was told a lie and is promised various resolutions that also turn out to be mistruths.

In response, she decided to have her infuriating plight known to the world by getting creative. She decided to write a two-act play based on the transcripts of her conversations with various customer service representatives who, at every opportunity, fail to do their jobs properly. You can find the whole story over at her blog Voss And Edwards titled Vodafone: A Tragi-Comedy.

Her story is an entertaining (if a little toe-curling) read about the lack of communication between departments and what happens when everyone is acting on different information. And we can’t help but offer our sympathies to anyone who has to listen to Vodafone’s Coldplay hold music that many times.