BT Employees Warned Against a Brexit

As the EU Referendum draws closer, the whole country is on tenterhooks as they wonder whether Britain will remain in or leave the EU. Companies are becoming more and more anxious as the threat o a Brexit means serious things for their operations and major telecoms giant BT is no exception. BT has sent a letter to its employees warning them of the risks a Brexit poses to the economy, as well as them and other companies that operate within it. They are keen to stress that employees have the freedom to vote how they choose but want to make them aware, if they aren’t already, of how a Brexit could affect them. a letter sent to over 81 000 employees, recipients are warned that  a Brexit will impact negatively on BT and how the value of the pound will fall, meaning more expensive goods. With the odds of Remain and Leave fluctuating all the time, it is difficult to tell what the outcome is going to be. BT warns its employees that they run 20% of their business from outside the UK and that the UK’s employment laws are benefited from their involvement in the EU. Thanks to an EU membership, workers rights and fairness for employees is a widespread and understood value across all workplaces. BT’s chairman Sir Michael Rake has made his views on remaining in the EU public as he signed a letter in The Times signed by many other major UK firms which warned against a Brexit.

The number of big companies campaigning for Remain is great with many convinced that in order to have a healthy and thriving economy we must maintain our relationship with the EU. Ryanair are also amongst the major firms that are adamant that a Brexit will be damaging to our economy. Whilst there is a great business support for Britain to Remain in the EU, there is also a strong Leave campaign circulating , which currently leads the poll by an incredibly tight 1%. The uncertainty of the outcome at this time has already begun having a negative effect on our economy with the pound and euro’s value dropping to its lowest since 2013. Reamain are in for a good chance on this basis, but many people have been put off by their scare tactics, many saying that their campaign is ‘dishonest.’ The EU referendum will take place on the 23rd June where you can vote to Remain or Leave.