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Tesco Withdraw Plans For New Supermarket To Focus Online

Tesco has decided to withdraw its plans to develop branches in Brixham because of changes to its national policy to focus on other services like mobile and online. A spokesperson for the company says that Tesco are building fewer large stores now with more of their customers

Broadband And Phone Services Out For Welsh Sky Customers

A broadband and telephone outage caused problems for around 140,000 Sky customers across most of Wales. A problem at the Whitchuch exchange in Cardiff caused the loss of these internet and voice services across the country, but it has now been resolved by engineers. Sky said that

Lebara Launches New Mobile Site

One of the leading mobile telecoms operators, Lebara, has launched a new mobile site for customers based in the United Kingdom. It is one of the first mobile websites to let you top up and check your mobile phone balance through the site. This is in addition

Vodafone Shares Plummet Due To High Spending

Vodafone are currently using some of the cash from last year’s sale of its US arm Verizon Wireless, making investment of up to £19 billion in order to upgrade networks and high street stores. However, the company’s high spending has meant that its earnings will be considerably

Plusnet In Running For Fastest Provider Award

Plusnet are one of the favourites to scoop an award at this year’s Internet Service Providers’ Association Awards for Best Superfast Broadband. Plusnet do face stiff competition from the likes of Gigaclear, Hyperoptic, Gladwell and KC though. Especially as Hyperoptic are also nominated for Best Consumer Fixed