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Virgin Mobile Australia Has Second Outage In 6 Weeks

Customers of Virgin Mobile Australia took to social media to vent its complaints earlier this month, after the mobile network provider had its second signal outage in just six weeks. Both Twitter and Facebook were flooded with tweets and wall posts from angry customers, demanding for explanations

Internet Service Providers Team Up For Online Child Safety

Four of the most popular internet service providers in the United Kingdom — TalkTalk, Sky, BT and Virgin Media — are participating in a national campaign to promote better child safety online. They have joined forces for the Internet Matters campaign that hopes to make an impact

Vodafone Change British Man £2670 For US Data Roaming

A British Vodafone customers was stung with a huge charge for using his phone’s data roaming whilst abroad in the United States. Tom Galanis decided to download the latest iPhone operating system while he was on holiday after his device froze. Mr. Galanis, a small business owner,

BT Plans To Launch Own 4G Mobile Network

Competition in the mobile sector is expected to increase even further soon as BT reveals it is looking to launch its own mobile network service. The network will also provide 4G, making it a likely threat to the current big players in the industry, such as EE