EE Contact Number

0844 248 2565


Why Might I Need To Ring The EE Contact Number?

You could need to speak to EE Customer Services to get help with topics such as

  • Poor signal quality
  • Setting up Clone Phone
  • Issues logging into My Account
  • Leaving EE
  • Upgrading your current plan or handset

Frequently Asked Questions On EE’s Helpline

If you are a current EE customer, or are considering becoming one, you might need to speak to their customer service department. But there is a chance that we may have answered your question below:

1. What Is Clone Phone?

  • Clone Phone is similar to an insurance and warranty plan. For a cost, you can have features such as a replacement phone with all your important data on such as photos and contacts.
  • Even if you don’t choose to take out a Clone Phone plan, you can install the free Clone Phone app and back up up to 500MB of data at no extra cost
  • You can add extra storage amounts at a monthly cost if you want to

2. How Can I Check How Much Data I Have Used This Month?

  • You can check your monthly data usage in a variety of ways, by visiting the:
    • My EE app
    • EE mobile site
    • EE desktop site

3. How Can I Request A PAC Code?

  • You can request a PAC code by ringing the EE Contact Number
  • You should be sent your PAC code via text within two hours
  • You will then have to provide your new network with the PAC code for them to transfer the number over

The My EE App

Customers can manage their account via the mobile network’s official app named My EE. It will allow you to see how much data you have used, when your bill is due and how many days are remaining until your monthly service resets. You can also top up your phone from the app and even search for phone assistance when you are offline to troubleshoot everything from billing, internet and calling issues. The My EE app is available for both iOS and Android.

EE’s Entertainment Benefits

EE has teamed up with Wuaki.TV in order to provide customers with a deal streaming movies from their website. If you text ‘Film’ to 141, which costs 35p, the mobile network will send you a promo code. You can use this code to watch something from their library for just £1. This includes brand new releases available for rental including movies like The Martian, The Lobster, Straight Outta Compton, Inside Out and many more. However, you are only available to use this offer just once per week.

The mobile networks also has a number of discounts and offers for tickets to a variety of events including music concerts, stand-up comedy, sports events and much, much more. It is all available through EE Tickets. They also have a special app designed for those who are going to Wembley for one such event. You can buy your tickets through EE’s Wembley app, see the seating plan and plan your way to the stadium with a travel planner. EE, furthermore, provides 4G services to the Glastonbury festival every year – one of the most well-known and popular music festivals in the world.

A Background To EE

EE was formed in 2010 as a joint venture of Orange UK and T Mobile. The merge created the largest mobile phone network operator in the United Kingdom and it currently has over 25 million customers. The headquarters are based in Hatfield, with other additional main offices to be found in Bristol, Darlington and London.

After forming in July 2010, it was announced that in November of the same year that there would be six ‘dual-branded’ stores opened around the country. This meant that in 3 of the stores there would be Orange products on offer within a T Mobile shop and in the other 3 stores, there would be Orange shops with T Mobile products on offer.

After this trial, the company decided to open EE branded stores that offered EE products as well as Orange and T Mobile items as well. There are currently over 700 EE stores found across the whole of the UK. In August 2012, EE was granted the capacity to offer highly sought-after 4G services in the UK. The 4G service became active in September 2012, which coincidently fell in line with the announcement of several handsets that would benefit from being able to use a 4G connection, such as the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One XL.

In November 2012, it was announced that EE would replace Orange as the sponsor of the BAFTAs. The EE network provides services for other brands, including ASDA Mobile and Virgin Mobile UK, under a MVNO agreement.

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