giffgaff Customer Service Contact Number

Giff Gaff no longer house a customer service telephone number. All enquirers are to now be filed online


Reasons For using the Giff Gaff online service

Use the giffgaff online service if you need help with:

  • Changing your Goodybag plan
  • Upgrading your handset
  • Reporting your phone lost or stolen
  • Changing your payment plan
  • Topping up your SIM
  • Learning more about using your phone abroad.

Commonplace Questions for giffgaff Customer Service

1. What is a Goodybag plan and how does it work?

  • Goodybag plans are monthly plans of minutes, texts and data that you can choose when you purchase a giffgaff SIM card. Simply choose your payment plan and then select which Goodybag is best for you.
  • You can choose to have your Goodybag recur every month automatically, or change it up each month depending on your needs.
  • Once active, Goodybags cannot be cancelled or modified. You cannot buy another goodybag until your current one has ran out; however you can buy a goodybag in advance, which will start as soon as the current one expires (a queued goodybag).

2. My SIM card is blocked. What should I do?

  • Your SIM card will become blocked if your PIN code is entered incorrectly three times. This is to protect the security of your phone.
  • You can unblock your SIM by requesting a unique PUK code. Simply type this into your phone when prompted. If this is typed incorrectly, you will need to request a PUK2, which requires intervention from the tech team. Request a PUK code by calling the giffgaff contact number.
  • You SIM card may also become blocked if it has been inactive for six months, or if you happen to use your SIM for a usage which is forbidden by the company’s Terms & Conditions.

3. What things are included in my giffgaff goodybag plan?

  • You can use your giffgaff phone to make calls and texts to UK numbers, as well as surf the internet.
  • Calls to foreign numbers, using your phone abroad, sending MMS messages and special charges services will not be included in your goodybag plan. You will be charged extra for these services.
  • Calls, texts and video calls between giffgaff customers are free. However, calls may be no longer than 60 minutes, and this does not apply when you are roaming abroad.

How To Get 4G With giffgaff

4G mobile internet allows you to connect to the internet quicker than you have ever been able to before with speeds that are almost 5x faster. But how can you get 4G for your own giffgaff mobile network? First of all, you need to ensure you are living in an area with 4G which you can check my putting your postcode into the coverage checker via their 4G page. You will then need a phone that is 4G ready (such as the iPhone 6 from Apple, Xperia Z3 from Sony or Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung). Any SIM card from the provider will work with one of these phones. 4G is also standard from their aforementioned goodybags.

giffgaff’s “Always On” Data Allowance

One of the great things giffgaff offers for its customers is what it calls “always on” data allowances. It comes with the mobile network’s £20 per month goodybag and allows you to have no fixed cap on the amount of data your use. You will, however, only get your first 6gb of data at the full 4G speed. After that you will only be able to use data of 256kbits per second between 8am and midnight. 4G will still be accessible between 12am and 8am though. You can find out more about the “always on” allowance by contacting the helpline for giffgaff.

More About giffgaff

giffgaff is a no-contract, pay-as-you-go mobile network that allows its customers to enjoy a flexible mobile service with no strings attached. Running on the O2 network, they are an online-only company and has no high street stores or call centres.

Customers can choose a giffgaff phone, selecting  handsets from leading brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony and LG. They can then choose their payment plan – whether they wish to pay upfront or pay monthly – before moving on to select their goodybag plan depending on how many calls, texts and data they may need.

giffgaff offer a choice of financing plans for customers who may wish to spread the cost of their new handset over the course of a few months. Loans are handled by its partner RateSetter, which allows customers to specify the length of their loan before defining how much they will need to repay each month. Enquiries about these can be made to the Giffgaff customer service team.

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