giffgiff Continues Commitment With Derry Call Centre

giff-gaffDerry customer service advisors have received some good news this week.

buy cheap zocor online There will be just over a dozen new jobs created at the Firstsource call centre at Northland Road after the mobile network giffgaff decided to renew its contract there for another three years. The decision has been welcomed all across the board, particular from the Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney.

He said that giffgaff clearly had other options on the table but described their decision to remain at Firstsource as a “vote of confidence” in the skillsets on display at that location. Raymond McCartney stated: “The redesigned and revamped facility for the giffgaff operation at Northland Road is also an indication of First Source commitment to the Derry operation and the creativity and skills of its local workforce.”

Giffgaff customer service can deal with a range of issues related to the network including queries about the payments, SIM plans, technical issues and more. The team at Firstsource will be handling most of these questions.