Everything We Know About EE’s 5G Technology So Far


It seems like only yesterday that the world was introduced to 4G. This is the fourth generation of mobile communication technology that makes it faster to use the internet on your phone or tablet. It follows on from previous generations that gave us superior voice, data and video.

However, few technologies evolve as rapidly as mobile networks do. Even though EE are still in the process of rolling it out across the United Kingdom, the company is already looking forward to the next innovation.

Passionate mobile phone users are already speculating about just what 5G will able to do on networks like EE. They are talking about its speed, capacity and, of course, when it will be available. But what do we know about it so far? And what can we look forward to when it eventually begins rolling out across the world?

How Fast Is 5G Going To Be?

5G from mobile networks like EE and O2 promises to let us access online content in lightning speed. Consider for a moment that it’s obviously going to be a significant improvement on the fastest 4G in the world — which is currently in Seoul, South Korea and boasts speeds so fast that you can download an 800 MB movie in just under one minute.

Just how much an improvement 5G is going to be over EE’s already great 4G network cannot yet be defined. It is, after all, still in the early stages of development. But Prime Minister David Cameron wants to have 5G so fast in the UK that you will be able to download the same 800 MB movie in just one second.


How Many Devices Is It Going To Be Available On?

5G is going to play an integral part in the Internet Of Things. This is a connected network of not just computers, tablets and touch screens but household appliances and vehicles too. The current mobile technology, 4G, is not going to be able to support the Internet Of Things which is likely be commonplace in society by the end of the decade. But 5G will have the strength to power it. Each individual should be able to have at least 10 devices connected to one 5G network once it rolls out.

However, 5G won’t just be able to support it because it’s stronger or faster. 5G will also be much smarter too. All of these items will be able to work together when connected to a 5G network. Wearables, appliances and smartphones will be able to communicate with one another. Fridges will be able to link to your smartphone to help you plan your shopping list, for instance, in the Internet Of Things.

When Is EE’s 5G Going To Be Available?

If you are already excited about the prospect of super fast downloads and hyper-connectivity, you are in for some bad news. 5G is still being developed and won’t be available for quite some time. EE are currently working alongside The University Of Surrey’s 5G research centre to make their dreams a reality, helped by a £71 million investment from the aforementioned Prime Minister David Cameron. At the moment, it’s estimated that testing will begin next year and commercial services will begin in 2020.

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