O2 Contact Number

0844 453 0127

Common reasons for calling the O2 contact number, as well as information about the company, can be found below:

o2-networkReasons To Call The O2 Contact Number

  • Querying or paying your latest bill
  • Upgrading your handset
  • Switching to a new tariff
  • Reporting your phone lost or stolen
  • Changing your SIM or payment plan
  • Unlocking your phone
  • Cashing in an old phone

Common Questions for O2 Customer Service

1.    My bill is more than expected. Why is that?

•    Going over your monthly allowance of texts, data or minutes is the most common reason for an unexpectedly high bill. However, you may also be charged extra for making calls abroad, using your phone to purchase apps or wi-fi, or calling premium rate phone numbers.
•    Your first bill will always be higher than your regular payments. This is because O2 will charge for one month’s line rental in advance.
•    Your final bill will also be higher than normal because this includes any outstanding call, data or text costs, and any cancellation fees for early termination.

2.    Can I unlock my phone to use on a different network?

•    Your O2 phone can be unlocked to use on a different network. If you’re a Pay Monthly customer, this can be done for free at any time depending on your handset.
•    Pay & Go handsets can only be unlocked 12 months after purchase and there will be a one-off fee to pay of £15. This will be deducted from your airtime balance.
•    For further information on unlocking your phone, read the provider’s dedicated help article online or call the O2 helpline.

3.    I’m having trouble with my network coverage. Why is that?

•    You can check O2’s Mobile Broadband coverage in your area by heading to the Coverage Checker tool on their website. Ratings will be displayed via green, amber or red indicators in each locality. You can also use the Live Status Checker tool to see if there are any known faults in your area, or planned maintenance.
•    Tethering to a public O2 wifi hotspot will improve your connection without using 3G or 4G data. To find a list of Wifi hotspots and locate your nearest one, visit the company’s Wifi page.
•    If you are still having trouble with your mobile connection, call O2 Customer Service for guidance on troubleshooting mobile broadband problems.

The O2 And Three Merger

O2 is soon expected to merge with their competing mobile network Three in a deal that would combine their customers, services and much more. The merger would make them into one provider that is the biggest in the United Kingdom. Customers who are currently with O2 are expected to see very little change after the merge except that the brand will no longer be O2 and will instead be Three.

The companies are promising improved services with the combined technology of their respective networks. Internet speeds and 4G connectivity are both expected to be better. Meanwhile, services like Priority and Rewards will continue but with a slight rebrand. However, there are fears of price hikes because of the monopoly they will have in the telecommunications market – something which is being investigated by Ofcom prior to their merger.

More Information

O2 was founded in 1985 as Cellnet, a joint venture between BT Group and Securicor. The company took on various brand names, including BT Cellnet and mmO2, before becoming O2 plc in 2002. In 2005 it became the commercial brand of Telefonica UK Ltd and has since diversified into other industries, including finance with O2 Money. It serves over 23 million customers via its 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK, and has over 450 retail stores on the high street.

The company also owns half of Tesco Mobile and provides the virtual network’s customers with its 4G network coverage. It has the highest customer satisfaction rate for any mobile provider in the UK, according to figures published by Ofcom.

Alternative Ways To Contact O2

You can get in touch with the mobile provider via social media. They can be found on Twitter or Facebook. You can also get in touch with O2’s customer service team through the website’s live chat or by writing to their complaint address at O2 Complaint Review Service, PO Box 302, Dunstable, LU6 9GN.

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