Orange To Stream Warsaw Festival

The mobile network operator Orange are to partner with the music media company LoveLive in order to stream highlights from the Orange Warsaw Festival this summer.

The French telecoms company have sponsored the event since 2008. This partnership will bring the major event to fans who are unable to attend. The Warsaw Festival will take place between Friday June 13th and Sunday June 15th.

In the past, the Warsaw Festival has played host to international music stars such as Beyonce and The Prodigy. This year, some of the big names that will be at the event including the following: Pixies, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kings Of Leon, Snoop Dogg, Outkast and Limp Bizkit.

The streaming of this year’s event will reach eight different European countries and will be available to view on smartphones, tablets, computers and television screens.

Orange’s head of global sponsorship, Donna Soane, gave an exclusive interview to The Drum. She said: “Music is a key area for Orange, it’s an area our consumers are really passionate about, but it’s such a complicated space. We have a comprehensive programme spanning film and sport but music is more disconnected.

“Being able to look across Europe and find something that has growth and appeals to our consumers is a strong hook, especially to be able to provide experiences for countries like Armenia and Moldova who are very important within our footprint.”

Orange will also provide some on-demand content from the Warsaw Festival. Fans will therefore not only be able to watch the bands play live but enjoy their sets for four weeks after they have been on stage.

LoveLive CEO Richard Cohen stressed the importance of working with Orange. He said: “Telcos like Orange are vitally important to us as when you think of the way people are engaging with content, particularly young people, smartphones are king.”

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