AOL Co-Founder Passes Away Aged 76

AOL is mourning the death of its co-founder Jim Kimsey. Mr. Kimsey was one of the pioneering people at the company and had an enormous impact on the web community. A Vietnam veteran who went into the restaurant business, Kimsey first became involved in AOL when his

Lebara To Offer Digital Doctors Service To Customers

Lebara has launched a mobile based service that allows you to obtain medical advice by connecting with registered health professionals across the world. In what it is calling a world first, Lebara has released Second Medical Opinion, a service that allows to you access medical advice from the palm

Virgin Launches All-New Data Plans

Virgin Mobile has launched a new price tariff for customers who wish to have a chunk of data as part of their mobile plan. The network is offering plans for customers in the United States Of America that include $30 for 500 mb of data, $40 for

Three Comes Under Fire For Ad Blocking Plans

Website adverts are an annoyance. They can be distracting, invasive and unwelcome when you are simply trying to read something fun on the web. However, they are even more irritating on mobile which can limit a website’s load speed and affect a mobile user’s overall network experience.

3 Customer Services Contact Number

0844 826 8076  The Three contact number is available to get in touch with the telecoms provider’s customer service team. They are one of the most popular mobile networks in the United Kingdom and pride themselves on being the only “pure data network” available for customers in