Sainsbury’s Expected To Lose Out In Argos Bid

Industry analysts predict that there is little hope for Sainsbury’s in its bid to acquire Home Retail Group, the company that owns the retailer Argos. Sainsbury’s have expressed an interest in buying to company but pressure has been building on the supermarket chain to deliver on its

Author Writes Vodafone Play After Customer Service Woes

There are many unconventional and creative ways that people have responded to frustrating customer service experiences. We have seen people pay for sponsored social media posts in order to publicly blast the company that’s angered them. We have also seen people write songs about the businesses that

EE Doubles 4G Users To 14 Million Ahead Of BT Move

The mobile provider EE, which stands for Everything Everywhere, has become the leading supplier of 4G to customers in the UK. The service has been at the forefront of the company’s advertisement and marketing, promising to connect its customers to the internet faster than ever before. It