Plusnet Contact Number

0843 557 4830

You might ring Plusnet’s customer service department for assistance with topics such as payment, services, cancellation and many more.


Why Would I Use The Plusnet Contact Number?

  • Can I upgrade my broadband package?
  • Why does my internet connection keep dropping?
  • Billing problems
  • Not being able to access your account online
  • Wanting to leave the business

What Can Plusnet’s Helpline Assist Me With?

You might not need to ring the Plusnet Contact Number as we have found the most commonly asked questions and answered them below. However, the Plusnet Phone Number is still available if you cannot find the answer to your issues below.

1. Where Can I Find Out How Much Broadband I Have Used This Month?

  • You can view your usage online by logging in with your username and password
  • You will find the usage summary page that will explain your usage allowance and how much you have used in your current billing period
  • Further down the page you will find information that details your usage for this month, as well as your usage in the last 3 months and it may include a usage breakdown, which will detail your traffic type

2. Can I Set Up An Email Address?

  • To set up an email address you need to log into My Account
  • Then select Email Settings and click “Manage My Mail”
  • This should take you to a screen called “Add a new mailbox”
  • You need to enter the first part of the email address (the bit before the @) and click Add.

3. What Do I Do If I Have No Dial Tone?

  • Disconnect and unplug everything that is connected to your phone line
  • Connect a corded working phone to your master socket and try to make a call
  • If there is a dial tone, your phone line is okay and there is a issue with your wiring, equipment or filters. Plug each thing back in one at a time to detect the problem, checking for a dialling tone each time
  • If there is no dial tone, ring the Plusnet Helpline or report this issue online

The Packages Available From Plusnet

There are three main different types of broadband packages available from which you can order online or enquire about by calling the Plusnet contact number above. These are:

Fibre broadband and phone

Plusnet offers unlimited fibre broadband with up to 38mb in download speeds and 1.9mb in upload speeds. For a higher price you can also get Unlimited Fibre Extra which has 76mb speed and 19.5mb upload speed. Both of these packages come with line rental and free calls to other Plusnet customers. You can also upgrade to evening and weekend calls for an extra £3 or anytime calls for £6 more.

Broadband and phone

If you don’t want to pay for the full fibre broadband package there is a standard unlimited fibre one available too. Free for 12 months before costing £9,99 per month, it provides up to17mb download speeds. Like the previous offer, line rental only is free with this package with evening and weekend calls or anytime calls costing £3 and £6 more respectively.

Broadband alone

Do you not require a phone package? Plusnet also has broadband on its own for a cheaper price. You can get Unlimited, Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Extra as part of this deal.

More About Plusnet

Plusnet provides internet and landline services within the United Kingdom. It was founded in Sheffield in 1997 and later acquired by BT at the end of January 2007.

The business operates other brands in the UK such as Metronet, Madasafish, Vodafone@home, John Lewis Broadband, Waitrose Broadband, Greenbee Broadband and Comms Factory. At the end of 2013, it is estimated that they had more than 750,00 customers around the country.

The recent marketing campaign for Plusnet has proven to be hugely successful. It focuses on the company’s regional background with the strap line “Good Honest Broadband From Yorkshire” and is portrayed by a heavily stereotypical Northern character.

The brand is very active in terms of their sponsorship as it has been the official shirt sponsor of Sheffield Wednesday football club from 2005 until 2009. It also became the sponsor of the Yorkshire Marathon from 2013, which takes place in York each year.

As a brand, Plusnet are also very active within the web community of the UK, in particular within the North of England. They are a common presence at events such as OpenCoffee and Geekup. You can find out more about their work by contacting Plusnet’s customer services.

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