Sky Contact Number

0844 826 8666

sky-csWhen Might I Want To Call The Sky Contact Number?

You can contact Sky for assistance with any of their services – TV, broadband and telephone. Here are some of the reasons you might call:

  • I need help setting up TV or broadband services
  • I’m having problems with TV, broadband or my mobile phone
  • I want to know more about switching to Sky Broadband or Talk
  • I cannot access my account
  • I am having a payment or billing issue
  • I wish to make a comment or complaint

Frequently Asked Questions To Sky Customer Service

Here are some of the questions that customers commonly ask, as well as their answers:

1. Why should I switch?

Sky have a Switch Squad that will help you switch from your current provider so that you do not have to. All you have to do is place an order and they will do all the work. Within 2 weeks, you will be set up. You can keep your phone number, redirect your emails and transfer your contacts.

2. My service doesn’t appear to be working properly

There are a number of common problems that you could be encountering with each service.

Sky TV customers mostly commonly suffer from no satellite signal. This might be due to abnormal weather conditions, a damaged or obstructed satellite dish or faulty cable connections.

Sky Talk customers, on the other hand, often ask about their network connection. Check your dial tone if this is happening to you. You should hear a constant buzzing sound.  If not, it may have been accidentally pulled from the socket. You should also make sure that  there isn’t building or maintenance work in your local area that might interfere with your phone.

Sky Broadband issues can often be solved by checking the lights on your router. If all the lights are off, there is no power being sent to the Sky Hub. If the power light is white but the internet light is flashing yellow, you might be experiencing problems with your internet connection. If the power button is doing this, your hub is suffering a fault in its charge.

Call the Sky Helpline with assistance for any of these things, or if these guidelines have not fixed your problem.

3. I do not think I have been charged properly

Check your bill online or through your television to make sure none of the offers on a subscription have come to an end. Otherwise, you might have made a one off purchase that has boosted your average bill. If you are a Sky Talk customer, this might be because charges have increased.

What Channels Does Sky Produce Exclusively?

Sky has many of its own channels exclusive to the company. Some of them can be viewed on Freeview and other networks, but you can contact Sky if you are not currently a customer to access any of the channels that are not. They include:

Sky 1

Some of the most popular shows include the sports themed quiz show A League Of Their Own hosted by James Corden, Stella starring Ruth Jones and the original Stan Lee series Lucky Man with James Nesbitt.

Sky Atlantic

This channel is the home of US drama originally aired on networks like AMC, HBO and Showtime. It is the UK’s network for Game Of Thrones, The Knick and The Wire among many others. It also has its own exclusive programming like The Last Panthers.

Sky Arts

The provider’s culture channel that is committed to celebrating and appreciating the arts. Sky Arts has programmes about music, painting, ballet, dance and much more. It also has a few high art dramas like The Nightmare Worlds Of H.G. Wells which adapts the War Of The Worlds’ authors stories for the small screen.

Sky Living

Living was originally described as its channel for women and young adults with programming such as Will And Grace, Grey’s Anatomy and Charmed. However, it has extended its scope to encapsulate a broader range of drama with shows like Scandal, The Blacklist and Elementary among its most watched programmes.

Sky News

A 24 hour rolling news channel that covers the day’s events and breaking news. Some of the features they do include its nightly press preview rounding up the front pages of the following day’s newspapers. The channel also has an online site and radio station.

More About Sky

Sky is a company that provide satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephone communication in the UK. It was formed in 1990 by a merger between Sky TV and British Satellite Broadcasting to create BSkyB. Today, it is the largest pay TV broadcaster in the UK with 10 million subscribers. The company was formed by Rupert Murdoch. He has been a controversial figure in media for his influence on British politics and role in the pecksniffian tabloid News Of The World which was closed for its involvement in telephone hacking.

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