T-Mobile Contact Number

0844 764 0017

The T-Mobile Contact Number can provide assistance with queries related to their mobile service.

t-mobile-shop-tomylees-300Why Might I Need To Ring The T-Mobile Contact Number?

Here are just a few of the questions you might be able to get answered:

  • Why am I getting poor quality signal?
  • How do I upgrade my handset?
  • How do I use a top up?
  • Can I upgrade my contract?
  • How do I leave T-Mobile?

Common Questions For T Mobile’s Customer Service

If you have questions about T-Mobile as either a potential or existing customer, a T-Mobile contact number is available here to help. However, we have got a few of the regular questions that customers face below:

1. How Do I Check The Network Coverage In My Area?

  • You can check your network coverage online
  • Visit the coverage checker
  • You can check the coverage in up to three locations

2. Will I Get A 4G Connection?

  • To get a 4G connection you will need to :
    • Have a 4G enabled phone
    • Have a 4G SIM
    • Be on a 4GEE plan from EE

3. What Can Affect The Quality Of Coverage I Get?

  • The things that affect the quality of your coverage can include:
    • The type of building you are in
    • If it has stone walls or insulation, this can make a difference on your signal quality when you’re inside
    • The distance between you and a transmitter
    • Any network faults
    • The weather
    • The buildings around you

T-Mobile’s Move To EE

T-Mobile now operates under the brand of EE. It began in 2009 when the business merged with Orange to create one brand new company. It was given the name EE. Originally, both brands operated separately under this new name, but in February 2015 T-Mobile was dissolved completely into this new brand. Now, their website redirects to EE, new customers must register through EE and existing ones will be dealt with by EE from this point onwards. Furthermore, all the United Kingdom based branches of T-Mobile are now operated by EE.

EE is now the largest mobile network in the United Kingdom with 28 million customers.

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile is based in Bonn in Germany and offers telecommunication services around the world. Its services are available in 11 countries within Europe, as well as the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

T Mobile began life in the UK as Mercury One2One in 1993, which was operated by Mercury Communications, who no longer exist. It became known as One2One and was the first GSM 1800 network in the world in September 1993. Deutsche Telekom purchased One2One in 1999 and it was re-branded as T Mobile by 2002. In 2010, T Mobile and Orange were merged together to create EE, the largest mobile phone operator in the UK, taking up 37% of the market.

By the end of October 2012, all the T Mobile and Orange stores were re-branded as EE, which coincided with the launch date of EE’s 4G network. The stores offer products from all 3 brands and there are approximately 700 stores found in cities and towns across the United Kingdom. The T-Mobile network was, and still is, used as the main backbone for the Virgin Mobile network, offering 2G and 3G signals.

T Mobile’s world wide marketing campaigns have been some of the most influential and involved some of the most famous people in the world. From 2009 onwards, they have included celebrities such as Charles Barkley, Dwyane Wade and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In 2002, the T-Mobile advert to promote picture messaging showed the face of a baby being shown on promotional tools such as billboards, shirts and newspapers and featured the Royksopp song “So Easy”. Following the advert airing on the TV, the Royksopp song charted at 21 in the Top 40.

T-Mobile has been winning awards for many things ranging from being the best company to work for to being one of the most ethical companies in world since 2004 and still continues to do so.

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