0843 557 3560

The T-Mobile Contact Number 0843 557 3560 can provide assistance with queries related to their mobile service, with contacts to their bills and accounts, coverage and device departments. Find the relevant number you need below.

T-Mobile Contact Numbers

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 557 3560
Seven days a week 5am till 10pm
Bills and Accounts
0843 557 3863 Seven days a week 5am till 10pm
0843 557 3864 Seven days a week 5am till 10pm
0844 764 0017 Seven days a week 5am till 10pm

Customer services

Phone the customer services helpline for T-Mobile on the number 0843 557 3560 to speak to the trained members about things including your device, bills, SIM cards and more.

If you have a business account, or would like to set one up you can phone the number above to get this set up.

If you would like to find out when you are due an upgrade of your phone you can use this number above to find out the date and also the types of upgrades that are on offer to you.

To learn about the Refer-a-Friend program offered by T-Mobile you can also use the number above, as well as speaking to them regarding the Pay As You Go Gold Rewards too.

Bills and Accounts

Phone the Bills and Accounts department for T-Mobile on the number 0843 557 3863 where you can speak to them regarding questions about your bills, usage and the account you currently have running with them.

When you phone this number the team members can take payment for your bill, help you set up an automatic payment or schedule a payment for a later date.

If there are any issues with your bill you can also use this number above to query them and get the details of your bill explained. If you would like to switch to paperless billing you can phone this number to make the change to your account.

You can also use this number to help find out your active promotions, as well as make changes to your plan if possible.


If you are having trouble finding signal with your T-Mobile phone the number 0843 557 3864 to check your coverage and find out if there are any issues.

You can also phone this number to find out information on device compatibility and signal strength in areas that you frequent, this can help ensure that you don’t have problems with a phone you’re looking to purchase.

Inquire about Wi-Fi Calling through T-Mobile on the number above, where you can stay connection even when you’re in an area that has little coverage. You can find out details about this on the number above, as well as discuss any problems you’re having if you already have this in place.


To discuss the device that you have or want with T-Mobile you can phone the number 0844 764 0017. When you phone this number they can discuss SIM cards, software updates, troubleshooting issues and more.

Use this number to find out about the latest software updates and what effect they have on your device, you can also inquire about device protection.

If you have recently ordered a new device through T-Mobile you can track your order when you phone this number, be sure to have your order number to hand so the team member can locate your details quickly and easily.

T-Mobile’s Move To EE

T-Mobile now operates under the brand of EE. It began in 2009 when the business merged with Orange to create one brand new company. It was given the name EE. Originally, both brands operated separately under this new name, but in February 2015 T-Mobile was dissolved completely into this new brand. Now, their website redirects to EE, new customers must register through EE and existing ones will be dealt with by EE from this point onwards. Furthermore, all the United Kingdom-based branches of T-Mobile are now operated by EE.

EE is now the largest mobile network in the United Kingdom with 28 million customers.

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