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0844 248 2564

Talk Mobile

Talk Mobile Customer Services

Talk Mobile Telephone Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0844 248 2564
Top-Ups 0844 248 2564
Complaints 0844 248 2564


Head Office Phone Number
Talkmobile Ltd.
Avon House,
Horizon West Business Park,
Canal View Road,
RG14 5XF
0844 248 2564

Anyone who needs help with the services and products available from Talk Mobile can get help from the Talk Mobile Contact Number.

Talk Mobile Customer Services Contact NumberWho Can Get Help From Talk Mobile Customer Services?

  • Upgrading your current handset
  • Issues with accessing your account online
  • Cancelling their services
  • Editing your current contract
  • Problems with network coverage

Why Would I Ring The Talk Mobile Helpline?

You might find that you need to speak to someone in Talk Mobile’s customer service department if you after having troubles with your contract or device. However, we may have found the answer to your problem below as we have compiled a list of their frequently asked questions:

Talk Mobile Customer Services Contact NumberHow To Cancel And Leave A Service

Customers can leave Talk Mobile at any time they wish provided they give 30 days notice. If you are still in a contract you will need to pay an early termination fee and the remaining monthly charges on your account before you leave. Your direct debit will need to remain open with the company for 90 days after you have requested a cancellation so they can close your account correctly. The customer service team at Talk Mobile will be able to unlock your phone if necessary. Similarly, you will be able to contact Talk Mobile for a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) if you want to take your number with you when you leave.

If your contract has expired then there should not be any costs to pay unless you have out of allowances charges outstanding. You will also have your line rental reimbursed if you paid for it when you first took out the contract with the provider.

More About The Company’s Products

Talk Mobile is a mobile phone network operator in the United Kingdom. It operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), running on the Vodafone network. The company is owned by The Carphone Warehouse.

The business launched in 2007 and originally only offered 4 different payment plans and were the first company to introduce the offer of £1 SIM only plans. Since then, they have expanded to offer a wide range of services and tariffs to suit different users requirements.

Their range of pay monthly plans includes a selection of Smartplans, which gives customers the option of a low-cost tariff on a selection of the latest smartphones. They also have a wide choice of pay as you go and SIM card only variations available too, some with deals that are tailored to suit different types of customers.

Talk mobile has currently got an impressive network coverage of 99.7% both indoors and outdoors as well as having over half a million customers in UK. This has been credited to their low costs coupled with flexible options and a high quality network.

If you are a customer of Talk Mobile you can also get assistance in store at any of the 794 Carphone Warehouse stores around the country.

My Account

Every customer of Talk Mobile will have the option of being registered with a My Account and it will allow you to see an overage of your usage with Talk Mobile, including your recent phone use, how much allowance you have left, and your recent bills.

Going Over Your Contract

Sometimes going over your contract may be inevitable, so Talk Mobile have that covered, too. Text alerts will be sent to remind you when you’re nearing the end of your minutes or data, but having My Account can help you monitor how you’re doing more closely. Once a monthly limit is used up, a cap on how much you spend over that limit will then be put into place. This is to prevent the risk of fraudulent activity happening on your account, or out of allowance limits, as they are known.

Mobile Talk operate differently to other networks in that they don’t offer ‘bolt-ons’ or bundles to give you a bit of extra allowance. They used to offer them and still understand the importance of having a contract that it tailored to your usage. If you find your contract isn’t right for you, Mobile Talk can switch you to a bigger allowance, that wouldn’t cost you any more than paying for a bolt-on (might even cost you less).

Changing Your Pricing Plan

You can increase your pricing plan at any time during your contract. this means you will move to a higher plan, which will in turn, increase your allowance. NOTE – this isn’t the same as upgrading, as there wont be a new contract drawn out and a new phone given.

Decreasing your pricing plan can be a bit trickier. If you are on a 30-day SIM only plan, then you can also decrease your plan at any time, just by ringing. However, if you are on a contract, you’ll need to wait until you’re due an upgrade to decrease your plan. You can then opt for a SIM only plan, or choose something different.

How To Build Your Talk Mobile Contract

There are three types of contracts available:


  • 250 minutes
  • 5000 texts
  • 500mb of data
  • Phones available for between £7.50 and £30 including iPhone 6, HTC Desire 320 and Samsung Galaxy S3 mini


  • 500 minutes
  • 5000 texts
  • 1gb of data
  • Dozens of phones available between £10 and £35


  • 1000 minutes
  • 5000 texts
  • 2gb data
  • A wide range of phones are available between the prices of £12.50 and £40.

The Talk Mobile customer service team are available for more information about any of these contracts.


Do Talk Mobile offer Business Mobiles?
How can I check my balance on Talk Mobile?
Is Talk Mobile a good network?
Do Talk Mobile offer any free incentives?
How Can I Check How Many Minutes Or Texts I Have Used?
How Do I Find Out When I Can Upgrade My Phone?
Can I Use My Phone Abroad?

Do Talk Mobile offer Business Mobiles?

Unfortunately Talk Mobile do not offer any business plans for mobile phones. However if you ring the number above you can talk to someone who can discuss your options with you.

How can I check my balance on Talk Mobile?

Checking your balance can be easy with Talk Mobile. Simply ring 5888 from your Talk Mobile phone and you will instantly receive a balance update

Is Talk Mobile a good network?

You can check the signal in your local area by calling the number above or checking with their online service. Your experience with Talk Mobile can be assessed through this service.

Do Talk Mobile offer any free incentives?

Yes. However they only offer data plans as incentives. Where o2 and 3 will sometimes offer a free tablet with a mobile phone purchase, Talk Mobile offer free text and talk plans. To find out more, ring the number above or check their online deals, which can be found on their website.

How Can I Check How Many Minutes Or Texts I Have Used?

  • You can dial 5888 from you Talk Mobile handset to find out your current remaining allowance
  • If you have registered for online billing you can view your usage online by logging into your account. 

How Do I Find Out When I Can Upgrade My Phone?

  • When you can upgrade depends on what type of tariff you have and how long you have already been on it for
  • For a 1 month SIM only tariff you are eligible for an upgrade after you have made 3 direct debit payments
  • For a 6 month SIM only tariff you are eligible for an upgrade at the end of 6 months
  • For a 1 month SIM only tariff you are eligible for an upgrade from the beginning of the twelfth month and onwards
  • For a 1 month SIM only tariff you are eligible for an upgrade 60 days before your contract is due to finish
  • To get the exact date, you can ring the Talk Mobile helpline and someone will be able to help you

Can I Use My Phone Abroad?

  • 24 hours before you travel you will need to ring Talk Mobile on 5888 to active roaming
  • Remember that using mobile services abroad, such as 3G internet, can be expensive


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