Three launches ‘holiday brag’ campaign with the help of Kelly Brook

Model Kelly Brook is helping mobile network operator Three take the ‘selfie’ craze to the next level by promoting a new range of luggage that lets fliers get their own face on their suitcase- now there’s no mixing that up at baggage claim, is there?

Kelly paraded the runway at London’s Biggin Hill Airport with what is the world’s first ‘holiday brag’ suitcase covered with her favourite holiday photos of herself. Kelly said that she couldn’t wait to take her personalised luggage away on holiday with her, citing having her favourite holiday snaps featuring on her suitcase as ‘right up her street’. She went on to say that everyone loves to brag on social media, claiming that she was 100% guilty of ‘poolside boasting.’

New research found that a third of holidaymakers see boasting about their holiday as a top five ‘must do’ activity whilst they are away. The nation also now takes and shares more photos of themselves on holiday rather than the actual destination itself, according to the study. To get the results, Three quizzed 3000 British people about their social media habits whilst on holiday. The survey found that one in three people puts holiday bragging in their top five must do activities whilst away. A third of these also rather shockingly rank social media over traditional sightseeing, socialising, shopping and reading- more traditional holiday activities.

More than eight out of ten people took part in bragging whilst on their most recent holiday. The top photos taken on their smartphones were sunsets, selfies, swimwear shots on the beach and plane wings. One in four people also admitted that ‘braggability’ was now a factor when it came to choosing their destination of choice. 3 customer service contact number

Three is offering people the chance to win a holiday to one of 16 destinations and their own personalised suitcase by heading to Facebook or Instagram and sending in their best holiday photo. Kelly and six other travel bloggers will then pick the winner.

To find out more about network services provided by Three, call Three customer service contact number.

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