Three Reveal What You Can Do With a 250MB Allowance

250MB of data may not sound like a lot, but research conducted by mobile network provider Three has revealed just how far a 250MB allowance can take you. They estimate that you will be able to do all of the below on your phone each day:

  • Browse 10 webpages.
  • Read 50 BBC News pages.
  • Read and reply to 20 emails.
  • Watch a 1 minute video on Youtube.
  • Upload a photo to Facebook.

It is important to remember that this is only an estimation of what your daily allowance could potentially be, based on average activity using a high end Android device. There are lots of other things you can do on your phone, but this list put together by Three is designed to show the capabilities of a 250MB allowance.

Often, you see lists that tell you you could read 2000 emails with 250MB or listen to so much music, but you’re never going to be likely to do just one thing. So, the idea behind Three’s research was to show how a real person may use the 250MB allowance. It was worked out by taking the 250MB and dividing it by 30 (the number of days in an average month) which works out at 8.3MB. Then, the most popular activities were identifying using research conducted by Three back in 2011.

Three’s research aims to help customers decide whether or not a 250MB allowance is enough for them.

To discuss tariffs and data allowance with an expert, call Three customer service contact.

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