Tiscali Changes Online Homepage

Recently, internet service provider Tiscali changes its online homepage for the first time in two years. In that time, the web has changed massively, and Tiscali hopes that the new site will both reflect and incorporate those changes.

Some of the key improvements are a wider page space, easier usage of applications, an improved Google search bar, a better shopping search, improved and easier to use navigation and a quicker, simpler log-in process for members. The homepage is now optimized for the larger screen size that many people have today, so that users won’t have to scroll as much. The new design also offers quick access to handy tools such as a TV guide, Tiscali dating and used car searches. The site also gives users the benefit of a powerful search engine, operated by Google.

The search functionality also has new features. You can now search over 25 shopping partners such as M&S and John Lewis as well as tools such as the weather and cinema listings for instant results. You can get around the site faster with a slide show at the top of the page pointing you to exciting news and features.

You can also check your email faster than ever thanks to a new ‘login’ tool which takes you straight to a secure server.

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To find out more about services provided by Tiscali, call the Tiscali customer service contact number.


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