Tiscali Contact Number

0843 557 3768

tiscaliAre You Looking for the Tiscali Contact Number?

Call Tiscali if you need help with:

  • Comparing deals on broadband and home phone packages
  • Logging into your your webmail account
  • Troubleshooting connection problems with your modem or router
  • Protecting your computer with the right anti-virus and email anti-spam software
  • Improving your wireless connectivity speed.

Usual Reasons For Calling the Tiscali Helpline

1. Why does Tiscali not have a website?

  • Tiscali was acquired by TalkTalk in 2009 and is therefore no longer taking new customers. For a choice of available Broadband and home phone packages, visit the TalkTalk website.
  • If you wish to speak to an adviser about joining you will have to call Tiscali Customer Service.
  • You can also view TalkTalk products online or email the TalkTalk team for guidance.

2. How do I log in to Tiscali Webmail?

  • You will now need to log into your webmail account via the TalkTalk mail portal. Customers are advised to change their password regularly to keep their mail secure.
  • When you became an automatic TalkTalk customer, your contacts, calendar, mail and personal settings should have been transferred intact to the TalkTalk webmail system.
  • As an automatic TalkTalk customer, you will be able to log into the ‘My Account’ section on the TalkTalk website to manage every aspect of your broadband or home phone package, as well as manage payments and billing.

3. What if I am moving home?

  • If you wish to keep using the TalkTalk service at your new abode, simply call the Tiscali contact number to inform them of your new postcode and the dates you will be moving.
  • Setting up TalkTalk in your new home will be free for all customers, and there are some exclusive offers available to make the change go as smoothly as possible.
  • For TV customers, a small charge may apply if they wish to have a Bright Spark engineer set up their TV service at their new home.

4. How can I keep an eye on the latest TalkTalk service updates?

  • All up-to-date service information for TalkTalk can be found in the ‘Support & Tools’ section of the TalkTalk website.
  • Simply log in with your email address and password to find the most recent updates on TalkTalk service status; track your orders, and check network speeds in your local area.
  • You can also measure your broadband usage and use the TalkTalk Service Centre tool to check the health on your TalkTalk service.

Information on Tiscali

Tiscali is an Italian telecommunications company established in 1998 following the deregulation of the Italian phone system.

Each of its regional companies offered services including broadband internet access and home phone services. It also ran similar web portals for each of its countries offering features like webmail, news, dating networks, instant chat, radio and TV channel streaming.

In 2006, Tiscali announced it would be focusing on the UK and Italy as its key internet markets, and had plans to introduce a mobile network operator service and new IPTV products. However, after selling various arms of its business, it eventually sold its UK subsidiary to Carphone Warehouse in 2009, and the service was rebranded as TalkTalk in 2010.

What happened with the TalkTalk takeover of Tiscali?

When Tiscali fell into massive debt because of its poor performance in Europe, Carphone Warehouse decided to purchase them and integrate their customers into its TalkTalk service. TalkTalk didn’t immediately win over many previous Tiscali users by quickly telling them that their broadband only packages would now be £5 extra or month or they would have to take out a TalkTalk broadband and phone service instead.

Things got increasingly worse when TalkTalk soon got into trouble with Ofcom. Former Tiscali customers who had left TalkTalk, as well as many of TalkTalk’s own customers who left the provider, were still being billed for services they had cancelled. Furthermore, they were being hassled by debt collectors for money that wasn’t owed. Ofcom asked them to refund these customers, stop the debt collection and assist in repairing credit ratings that may have been damaged. TalkTalk didn’t do this in time and Ofcom fined them £2.5 million to be paid in compensation to their customers. They still continued and they were fined a further £3 million.

Nevertheless, integrating Tiscali customers with the TalkTalk brand has done very little to hurt the business. It has seen increases in profits and remains one of the most popular broadband and phone providers in the United Kingdom.

Alternative ways to contact the company

As well as contacting the Tiscali customer service department on 0843 557 3768, you can get in touch with them on Twitter and Facebook or write to their parent company TalkTalk at: Customer Relations Department, TalkTalk Group, P.O. Box 346, Southampton, SO30 2PW.

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