UPC Will Team Up With Three For a New Network in Ireland

Television and broadband provider UPC is set to go mobile after it signed a Mobile Virtual Network Operator deal with Three, following the approval of the company’s acquisition of Telefonica’s O2 Ireland business earlier in June. As part of Three’s takeover, the company was required to strike a deal to set up a mobile virtual network operator in order to ensure that there is adequate competition in the Irish market. However, UPC had been planning to venture into the mobile market regardless. The timing of the conditions of Three’s takeover was simply good luck.

The agreement has been described as ‘strategic’ and ‘exciting’ after it was announced at UPC’s HQ in Dublin. UPC CEO said that it gives UPC an opportunity to provide another excellent product to consumers in order to take another step on the journey to becoming a quad-play services provider, similar to Virgin Media. The parent company, Liberty Global is also in the process of launching mobile services around Europe, this deal allows a similar process to take place in Ireland.

The company will launch its mobile network next year and will offer TV, landline, broadband and mobile services in one single package.

Three Ireland’s Chief Executive said that he believes the move will help drive competition in the market as more newbies appear in the mobile services category.

He added:

Three’s planned investment to develop a state-of-the-art 4G network will benefit both Three and O2 as well as new entrants such as UPC customers. Three customer services contact number




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