Use Whatsapp or Skype to Save Money on MMS – Warns Three

Three UK has warned its customers ahead of a rise in the cost of multimedia messages and advises that users should send images via Whatsapp or Skype to avoid the costs. The network sends out the warnings ahead of their price rise, which is set to take place from June 13th.

New Charges

The current charge from Three for MMS is 17p per message, which is going to see a huge hike, becoming 40p. Its competitors also charge a similar rate so the use of mobile apps that rely on internet connection are being encouraged. Three has also warned against the popular usage of Emojis and emoticons in regular text messages, saying that older phone models will possibly interpret these as pictures, converting a regular SMS into MMS without notification.

All of Three’s tariffs include internet allowance and so it would be much more cost effective to make use of this than to be charged for picture messages. Three have been praised for their honesty regarding the price rise. They have offered alternatives to avoiding the price rise rather than attempting to persuade customers to accept it and buy into it. We can almost forgive them for the ridiculously steep price increase.

Why the Increase?

By introducing a price increase, EE no longer stands out from its competitors as offering the cheapest prices, which begs to the question as to why they decided to do it in the first place. There does not really seem to be a big reason surrounding it and a spokesperson has commented that its just a regular review of pricing. This regular review however does mean that the increase has more than doubled.