Virgin Media Adds Mobile To Its Bundled Services

Virgin Media has become the first telecom provider to offer ‘quad-play’ bundles that include all four services – broadband, landline, TV and mobile – to

The telecom giant recently decided to add mobile phone services to its choice of packages, in the form of the the Big Kahuna package – thought to be named after the burger Samuel L. Jackson eats in the cult movie Pulp Fiction).

Although Virgin Media has offered all four services to its customers in the past, this is the first time that its SIM-only plans will have been made available with broadband, TV and home phone. These SIM-only deals will be unique to the Big Bundles only.

For just £45 a month, customers on the Big Kahuna deal will get access to 152Mb of broadband, a TiVo set top box, BT Sport and a landline service. On top of this they can also choose a Virgin Mobile SIM with 250MB of data, unlimited texts and minutes for just another £5 a month.

Alternatively, customers can choose the Big Bang package, an offering which includes 100Mb broadband, TiVo, landline and the mobile SIM for just £35 a month. However, this deal still requires them to pay another £15.99 a month for Virgin line rental.

Although the offers may seem very tempting for customers, telecoms expert Domini Baliszewski from encourages them to “do their homework” and compare the stand-alone prices of each of the included services before signing on to an 18 month bundled offer contract.

“There are a lot of customers paying £30 or more per month already just for their mobile phone, so to get a mobile phone, broadband, TV and home phone for £35 to £50 per month is a compelling offer,” Baliszewski admitted.

Virgin is also planning to announce more Big bundles soon, with the 50Mbps broadband being the standard speed offered to customers. The company is also in the process of upgrading its network to provide faster speeds on all packages.

The Big Bang and the Big Kahuna is already available to current customers and will become available to new customers from the end of May.

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