Virgin Media Confirms New 4K Set Top Box Recently, Virgin Media has been all about rivalling Sky, to be the best in the business, and their latest venture could see them do just that, The 4k set top box has been confirmed that it will be released later this year. The new box is reported to have features that include a support for ultra high definition video. With original plans to just update the existing Tivo box, given that it was first launched in 2011, the provider became determined to have something better, and plans for the 4k were put into place. Virgin Media new set top box

watch 4K boxes are already at large on the market, with the Sky Q Silver box offering impressive compatibility with 4K and also equipped with 12 tuners making the once impossible, possible, allowing us to watch live TV and record at the same time. With BT also offering something similar, it was about time Virgin Media pulled themselves together. It’s all about ‘fluid viewing’ in the television market these days which ultimately ensures maximum convenience for the viewer  – they can pause whatever they are watching in one room and pick it up in another, Virgin Media are looking to create the same experience for their viewers.

click It has also been reported that there will be improvements to the existing Tivo box to complete its menus with a slicker finish, making it more picture based. If you are already using a Tivo box, it might be a good idea to stick with them as US company Rovi has recently acquired it, which no doubt means a lot of new and good ideas on the horizon.