Virgin Media Price Set To Rise by 13%

Virgin media has blamed the increasing wholesale costs of Sky for the reason they have put their prices up. Those that pay for the virgin media package that includes Sky and Movies will enjoy it at a slightly higher cost per month and were notified by letter earlier in the month. It is thought that the price increase will see 876 000 customers asked to pay an additional £12-£30 a year depending on what package they use. Virgin media email

Disappointed customers have already been faced with price increases when Virgin media put up their cost of line rental, home phone, broadband and TV. this happened 1st Feb, and as you can imagine, the news of a further increase not three months later has not exactly left consumers feeling elated: @Anthony_coates tweeted: ‘wait, another price increase? If this happens it will be twice in six months and I will be looking to leave.’

Typically, you will have Sky as part of your Virgin Media bundle if you are on a 12-18 month contract. The biggest price increase will be £2.50 per month which will affect those paying for the Big Kahuna Sports & Big kahuna Sports and Movies Packages. The new monthly price for sports and movies will be £92.50, or you can alternatively upgrade to the VIP package for £99 a month. Despite complaints from consumers, these new prices are set to be in place by the 29th April. Seeing no way around the price increase due to the demands of Sky, virgin Media defend their price rises by promising to improve speed and coverage. If you are a current Virgin media customer that would like to remain with the company but feel disheartened by the rising prices, apparently, threatening top leave, haggling or just generally complaining either over the phone or by email may get you a reduction in price. But you didn’t hear that here.

After the revelation of Sky Q, which has been described as the ‘most advanced TV experience ever’ and can allow viewers to pause live TV on one device and then pick it up on another such as a smart phone or a tablet, virgin Media have come up with something to rival the technology breakthrough. With plans to introduce the new feature to market at the start of 2017, virgin Media have shared their plans for their brand new set-top box and whilst they haven’t given anything away, it is looking likely that it will adopt similar features as Sky Q, perhaps an attempt to sweeten up some unhappy customers.