Virgin Mobile Customer Service Contact Number

0843 658 0676


The Virgin Mobile customer service number is listed above in case you ever need to get in touch about a service or product.

Need To Call The Virgin Mobile Contact Number?

Call Virgin if you want to:

  • Upgrade your handset
  • Pay your monthly bill or set up a direct debit
  • Report your phone lost or stolen
  • Switch your tariff or change your payment plan
  • Report poor network coverage
  • Get help with technical issues on your phone.

Probable Questions for Virgin Mobile Customer Service

1. How can I switch to Virgin Mobile?

  • Virgin Mobile makes it easy for its customers to switch over to its network in just a day. First, simply choose your preferred mobile handset from their range either online or in-store.
  • Call your current provider and ask them for your unique PAC code. You will need this code if you wish to hold on to your current phone number when you switch to their network. PAC codes are only valid for 30 days.
  • If you wish to keep your current handset when you switch, you’ll need to have your phone unlocked. This may involve paying your current provider an unlocking fee. When you put your new SIM into your phone, simply switch it on and enter your unlock code. You phone will now be unlocked and ready to use.

2. How can I upgrade my handset?

  • Pay As You You Go customers can upgrade their handset at any time; Pay Monthly customers can upgrade when they reach the end of of their current contract.
  • Pay Monthly customers can also make use of their exclusive ‘early upgrade offers’, which ensures they’ll have their new phone of choice as soon their contract comes to an end. All they need to do is call Virgin Mobile Customer Service when their contract is nearly up.
  • Pay As You Go customers will receive £10 towards their next phone for every £100 they spend on calls, messages and bundles. This way, they can earn up to £100 off any new phones in the Virgin Mobile range.

3. How do I connect to WiFi?

  • Connecting to WiFi can save you money on data and provides a faster connection, so its worth using even if you are on an unlimited data tariff.
  • Public places like coffee shops, stations and shopping squares have public WiFi that is free to use, so you can connect when you are out and about. Some will ask you to register, but you will find out when you select a WiFi provider from the list in your phone’s network settings.
  • Connecting to a WiFi provider when you’re abroad means you won’t be charged for any data you use whilst roaming. Using your 3G or 4G connection, however, will incur extra charges.

About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that is part of the Virgin Media family. Its branded wireless communication services are currently available in eleven countries including the UK, US, Australia, France and South Africa.

Virgin Mobile UK was launched in 1999 and has contracts to use the existing network of leading network Everything Everywhere (more commonly known as EE). This way, they are able to guarantee 99% coverage. It also offers free voicemail and unlimited calls, texts and data on many of its tariffs.

Insure Your Phone With Virgin

Insurance for Virgin Mobile is provided by Asurion, the policy administrator, and Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited, the insurer. It will provide you cover against loss, theft, pet damage, breakdown outside of the warranty period and both accidental damage (such as a cracked screen) and malicious damage (someone stealing it and breaking it).

There are four different tiers of cover you will be able to consider which come in £2 increments for their monthly premium (tier 1 is £2, tier 2 is £4, tier 3 if £6 and tier 4 is £8). This does not include the claim excess fee which goes up in £20 increments for each tier.

Some of the things that aren’t included in the company’s insurance cover include minor cosmetic damage, corruption of software through user’s own fault, deliberate damage inflicted by yourself and several others.

You can contact Virgin Mobile to make a claim.

What To Do When Your Virgin Mobile’s Lost Or Stolen

Having your phone lost or stolen can cause a number of problems. Not only are you missing your device but anyone who gets their hands on it could access your most sensitive details. If you have banking apps on your phone, credit card details saved on websites from mobile shopping or emails with valuable information they could all end up in the wrong hands. It’s important you take immediate steps if this has occurred. You should get in touch with Virgin Media immediately. It’s also important to report a crime to the police within 24 hours and keep your crime reference number handy.

When you get in touch they will be able to block your phone so anyone who tries to access it, in the event that it has been stolen, will be unable to get any of the information stored on your device. If it has only been lost the business will also be able to unblock the device when you contact the Virgin mobile customer service number.

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