Vodafone Contact Number

0844 826 0198

Vodafone is a British telecommunications company. In terms of both subscribers and revenues, it’s the second largest company of its type in the world. The name derives from the words voice, data and phone which have all been merged together to make Vodafone. Vodafone has a range of services and payment plans to match them. The company provides them to customers across 21 countries. It has partner networks in 40 others. One of the most popular is Verizon Wireless in the USA. Their adverts often feature two animated bees named Jack and Mike. They have also been responsible for integrating the famous Star Wars character Yoda into their advertising too. You can get in touch with the Vodafone customer services department by calling 0844 826 0198.

Vodafone Contact Numbers:

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0844 826 0198 Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm
Head Office 0844 826 0198 Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm
Complaints 0844 826 0198 Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm

Customer Services – 0844 826 0198

You can get in touch with customer services department if you need to locate your nearest store, you would like to join a plan, you would like to inquire about the different plans, you would like to upgrade your plan, you would like to upgrade your mobile phone, you would like more information about using your mobile abroad, you need to report you mobile as lost or stolen, you need some technical support using your mobile or you want to inquire about other Vodafone services. You can contact the customer services department on 0844 826 0198. The mobile company offers a number of benefits to people who subscribe to their services. One of them is a temporarily free subscription to Netflix, the on-demand movie and television service. If you sign up to Vodafone you can receive a link via text message which allows you to activate a Netflix subscription from Vodafone for 12 months. You will be able to access a library that includes blockbuster films, hit television and original content such as the war drama Beasts Of No Nation and political thriller House Of Cards. Vodafone also offers a NOW TV entertainment pass to its SIM only and pay monthly customers. NOW TV is Sky’s on-demand service that allows you to watch a bundle of movies and television shows whenever you want from a variety of devices. Spotify Premium, the music streaming software, is also available to customers of Vodafone. You can listen to thousands of albums ad-free when you sign up for a SIM only or Pay Monthly account with the mobile provider.

Head Office – 0844 826 0198

You should get in touch with the head office if you would like to inquire about working for Vodafone, you would like to know about any job opportunities available right now, you would like to inquire about an application you have made or you would like to inquire about Vodafone as a company. You can call the head office on 0844 826 0198. You can also inquire about the progress of a complaint you have made to the complaints line.



Complaints – 0844 826 0198


You can call the complaints line on 0844 826 0198. You can complain about anything you’re unhappy with regarding Vodafone such as bad mobile service, other services such as free Netflix and Spotify not working, you have had a negative experience with a member of the Vodafone staff or you have had another negative experience that you would like Vodafone to know about. You will need to provide the complaints team with your contact details, account details and an account of what happened including any evidence you can provide them with to aid their investigation into your claim.

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