Vodafone Contact Number

0844 826 0198

vodafoneadWhy Might I Call Vodafone Contact Number?

  • Find your nearest store
  • Join  or upgrade your current plan
  • Information about going abroad
  • My device has been lost or stolen
  • I need support with my device
  • I wish to make a comment or complaint about Vodafone

Frequently Asked Questions On The Vodafone Contact Number

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that customers have when calling Vodafone:

1. Can I upgrade my phone or plan?

Yes. All you have to do to upgrade to a new phone is log in to the Vodafone website, get in touch with one of their customer service team, or drop by one of the company’s high street stores. You can also change to a new plan or choose from a range of extras that cost as little as £3 per month. This could be more internet or extra minutes to call 08 numbers.

2. What do I do if I’m going abroad?

If you don’t think you will be making many calls or texts abroad, you could stick with the standard international charges. These are as follows:

  • Europe – £1 per minute calls, 24p texts for PAYG customers, 30p for pay monthly customers
  • Channel Islands/Isle Of Man – 36p per minute calls, 24p texts for PAYG customers, 30p for pay monthly customers
  • Rest of the world – £1.50 per minute calls, 24p texts for PAYG customers, 30p for pay monthly customers

If you plan to make a lot of phone calls from abroad, you could invest in a pay monthly bundle that provides 75 international minutes for £10 a month, 125 international minutes for £15 a month or 200 international minutes for £20 a month.

3. Why is my phone not working?

There are a number of reasons why your phone might not be functioning properly. This could be an inability to send or receive text messages, make phone calls, or connect to your mobile broadband. Each problem has a unique solution, so you should contact the professionals at Vodafone for help.

4. My phone has been lost or stolen – what do I do now?

You should get in touch with the Vodafone Helpline immediately. They will be able to block your SIM card and serial number so that no-one can use any minutes, texts or data on the device. If it was insured, you can get in touch with their claims team.

Benefits Of Joining The Vodafone Network

The mobile company offers a number of benefits to people who subscribe to their services. One of them is a temporarily free subscription to Netflix, the on-demand movie and television service. If you sign up to Vodafone you can receive a link via text message which allows you to activate a Netflix subscription from Vodafone for 12 months. You will be able to access a library that includes blockbuster films, hit television and original content such as the war drama Beasts Of No Nation and political thriller House Of Cards.

Vodafone also offers a NOW TV entertainment pass to its SIM only and pay monthly customers. NOW TV is Sky’s on-demand service that allows you to watch a bundle of movies and television shows whenever you want from a variety of devices. When you buy a phone with a Red Value Bundle or Red 4G SIM Only plan you can get a text that will allow you to use this offer.

Spotify Premium, the music streaming software, is also available to customers of Vodafone. You can listen to thousands of albums ad-free when you sign up for a SIM only or Pay Monthly account with the mobile provider.

A History Of Vodafone

Vodafone is a British telecommunications company. In terms of both subscribers and revenues, it’s the second largest company of its type in the world. The name derives from the words voice, data and phone which have all been merged together to make Vodafone.

Vodafone has a range of services and payment plans to match them. The company provides them to customers across 21 countries. It has partner networks in 40 others. One of the most popular is Verizon Wireless in the USA.

Their adverts often feature two animated bees named Jack and Mike. They have also been responsible for integrating the famous Star Wars character Yoda into their advertising too.

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